Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The MT Experience

As you know, I study musical theatre at Ohio Northern University. I will be a Junior this upcoming fall semester. The past two years have definitely been a journey. The craziest emotional journey I have ever been on but the most amazing journey as well. I have met so many new people, discovered who I am and have even been lucky enough to meet my wonderful boyfriend. It has all come by so fast that I'm sure the next two years will follow suit.

There is such a thing, like the title of this post suggests, as the "MT Experience" (MT stands for musical theatre). MT is definitely one of the most dynamic majors somebody could choose. We have to focus on three different disciplines within the same major and give each ample time. Yes, we are all strong and weak in different areas but the goal is to put each of the disciplines on an equal playing field. Personally, I have found that I tend to rank myself in these disciplines. My strongest discipline is dance, followed by voice, and acting comes in last. Although I feel like I am still strong in the other areas, my goal is to have them at the same level as dance. We're all striving to be that "Triple Threat", which is probably why all of us are literally "insane". We might all be a little crazy but I have come to love every single person in my MT program (well, mostly everyone).

What I love about my program is that I have met people from all across the country. Some of my best friends here are from California and Texas. We even have some kids from Oregon, North Carolina and New Mexico. On top of that, one of my best friends here is from Australia! How crazy is that? Everyone has such a different and unique story, which has been a joy. Being able to work with these people every day makes everything worth while.

Here is a picture of my beautiful musical theatre class:


We also have an amazing faculty here at Ohio Northern University. All of my professors are dedicated to helping us grow and learn every day. The nice thing about attending a small school is that you receive more individual attention from the faculty. I have many personal connections with my faculty and I am very appreciative. I am able to surround myself with loving and intelligent professors every day. I have learned many valuable lessons from my proferssors. Thank you.

A typical day for a musical theatre major is pretty crazy. We are always on the go. Dance classes, acting classes, voice lessons, and those awful gen eds are just some of the daily classes we attend to. On top of all our classes, we have to find time to practice for our weekly voice lessons. And what about finding time to eat? As you can see, our schedules can be hectic. Finally, if we are involved in a production, then there are rehearsals every night. Rehearsals can take over an MT's life, no doubt. Finding time to do homework and finding time to sleep is the ultimate task. Oh and don't even mention when tech week comes along. We literally don't have any free time to just "have fun". We use any free time to get caught up on homework or sleep. Tech week is the theatrical equivalent to medical school residency. End of story.

Yes, my life is crazy 24/7 being a musical theatre major but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I love this crazy life I lead. I know that I'm working towards what will be a fantastic result.

Always follow your dreams no matter what anyone else tells you. Work hard for what you want and stay focused on your goal. Reach for the stars my high societal souls!

Word of the day: Iatrogenic
Definition: (Of a medical disorder) caused by the diagnosis, manner, or treatment of a physician.

All the best

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