Monday, June 27, 2016

First YouTube Experience

So recently I just made my very first YouTube video for my social media principles class. Wowzers. I definitely did not realize how much time it takes to record, edit and publish a YouTube video. I thought it was going to be much simpler but once you start editing you don't want to stop. So anyways, the assignment was to make a "How to" video on something. I was actually pretty excited about this because I came up with the idea "How to Do a Double Pullback". A double pullback is an advanced tap dance move. I wanted to show my tap dancing skills that I have acquired over the past year. There was only one problem: no space to use.

Although this was pretty disappointing, I knew I had to come up with a different idea. So I finally decided to do a "How to Survive College" video. I figured this would be a fun and simple way to complete the assignment. I also have been wanting to reflect on my past two years in college and share some advice to kids entering college.

So here is the final product I came up with:

Although I do wish I would have given myself more time to perfect the video, I am happy with the result. I delivered what I wanted to convey to my audience and I hope it reaches people who might be interested in the topic. My goal was to speak on something that I would have wanted to hear about when I was entering college.

YouTube still has a big presence in today's social media world. How many times have you caught yourself spending hours upon hours watching YouTube videos? I know I have multiple times. It is addicting. There is just about anything you would want to watch on YouTube. Videos are also one of the most compelling ways to tell a story or inform an audience on a certain topic. Combining audio with a visual is definitely a way to catch somebody's attention.

After this assignment, I respect the YouTubers who make a commitment to posting a video every week (or even more than that a week). There is so much time and dedication involved. I don't know if I could keep up as a regular YouTuber, but I have set it as my goal to try.

You can find my video on my social media accounts:


Try something new and start a YouTube channel! You could even start one with your friend. Keep reaching for the stars you high societal souls!

Word of the Day: Transmogrify 
Definition: To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.

All the best

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