Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Up and Coming School Year

First off, how in the world am I a junior in college? I really don't understand how time goes by so fast. I feel like I was in high school just yesterday and now I'm a couple years away from entering the real world. I would say I'm scared to death about being on my own, but I am also extremely excited to discover the world and be my own person. You always imagine what being on your own will be like but now it's fast approaching and it is time to start planning my future.

Before I get there though, I still have a couple more years at Ohio Northern University. The up and coming school year is going to be an exciting one for me. So many things happening! First off, this is the first year I won't be living on-campus. With four of my friends, I will be living in an apartment off-campus. I am beyond thrilled to have my own apartment. The apartment is not that big but I am just happy to not be living in a dorm anymore. I think this will be a good experience since most likely I will have to live in an apartment when I move to where I want to live.

Secondly, I am going to be stage managing the Fall dance show! This is pretty exciting as well. For my musical theatre degree, I have to assistant stage manage once before I graduate. Due to the fact that all of our "stage manager" majors graduated this past school year, that responsibility has fallen onto the musical theatre majors, which is why I'm the stage manager for the dance show rather than the assistant stage manager. Although this opportunity is extremely exciting, I am also pretty nervous. I have never stage managed before so this will be interesting. I have to take a stage management class once a week this next semester to basically learn about how to stage manage. Thank God that I will have that to guide me along.

Lastly, this year the theatre department has decided to have both the musical productions during the spring semester and the two productions will prove to be quite interesting. The first production will be a "new work" musical. We have yet to hear about what the musical is called but the writers are still finishing writing. The genre is supposedly more a contemporary musical, which is so exciting! The contemporary genre is more of my style, so I am hoping to be cast! The department has also mentioned that there is a possibility that the cast of this "new work" musical will be able to travel to the University of Salford and perform the show for part of their season. I really hope that we raise enough money to do this because that would be amazing. I can't even fathom how much fun it would be to travel and perform the show over seas! After that production ends, the next spring musical is going to be The Pirates of Penzance. This show is considered an operetta, so way different than the contemporary musical. I do not have any experience with singing operettas but it would definitely be a great learning experience. So I guess we will see how those productions end up turning out!

I am very excited to begin my junior year of college and continue to push towards graduation! Keep reaching for the stars you high societal souls and you'll love the outcome!

Word of the Day: Automagical
Definition: (Of a usually complicated technical or computer process) done, operating, or happening in a way that is hidden from or not understood by the user, and in that sense, apparently "magical".

All the best

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